We are a creative company working in music,fashion,design and enterprise.   icoico creative is a social enterprise company .we collaborate with a network of creative individuals and organisations including  Skills Development Scotland to deliver our creative business start-up programme, run f.use our community recording studio _a music business and recording programme ,pop-p our in house record label and operate a small jewellry studio all aimed at supporting, informing and helping creative industry practitioners and those who aspire to enter the creative world .At the heart of what we do are our collaborations with creatives, academics, educational establishments, cultural institutions, young people, community groups, councils and many other partnerships, which increase the reach of our work and the quality of our programmes.
    Glasgow is home to some of the most brightest talent.A mix of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurialism is the backbone of our work .Run by people who really have ‘been there and done it’ icoico is genuinely passionate about the creative sector and committed to delivering practical services and advice that make a difference 
icoico provides clients with knowledge and skills to explore starting their own business. We help them to formulate their idea, lay the foundations of their business model, develop their business plan and build a support network around them.To ensure business success and survival though takes more than raw talent.Our aim is to inspire, motivate and support.Its crucial in today’s market for small businesses to understand their USP and vision, to be better informed and follow a development strategy
Clients range from architects, interior and graphic designers,tv and film makers,web designers,vj’s,dancers,photographers,fashion and jewellry designers, cakemakers, fine artists and sculptors to music businesses.We work with your vision, our ability to see the opportunities,business acumen,drive and passion to see your idea from concept through to a commercial success and enable you to make a living from your creative ideas. ….If you are considering a career in the creative industries_want to know more about what we do, or just want more info,please get in touch, give us a call. on.
..0141 552 6052 or e mail us at …ella@icoico.com…  all of our people work within the creative industries giving them a realistic understanding of where you want to get to
icoico promotes equality of opportunity for all,in our day to day working practices,giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential free from prejudice and discrimination within the creative industries which in itself is an under-represented group.

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lee … creative director
jim (Primal Scream)…consultancy/ music/studio
jay (Soma)…graphics/consultancy
damian …music/consultancy/studio
alec D…consultancy
ray ….music/multi media
icoico creative
25 king st
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